We the Vectr team

Tom Franckx
Tom FranckxCoördinator Vectr
Ignaz Wanders
Ignaz WandersCoördinator 7 Bridges & data architect
Tom Michiels
Tom MichielsCoördinator & Data architect
Koen Rutten
Koen RuttenCoördinator Sensr
Bruno De Deken
Bruno De DekenCoördinator Tensr & Data engineer
Joren Van de Vondel
Joren Van de VondelData engineer
Céline De Clercq
Céline De ClercqData translator
Simon Van Laerhoven
Simon Van LaerhovenData scientist
Jony Van Puymbroeck
Jony Van PuymbroeckData scientist & engineer
Stefanie Verhulst
Stefanie VerhulstData scientist
Ivo Merchiers
Ivo MerchiersData scientist
Ken Vanderheyden
Ken VanderheydenData scientist
Joran Dox
Joran DoxData engineer
Dzani Mrakovcic
Dzani MrakovcicData engineer
Laure-Anne Mairiaux
Laure-Anne MairiauxData engineer consultant
David Schotmans
David SchotmansData scientist
Niels Aerens
Niels AerensData scientist

We are constantly on the lookout for motivated people who want to join our dynamic team.

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