Our solutions

Cloud Migrations

Migrating existing workloads to the cloud for maximum efficiency

Big Data Engineering

Fundamental pre design of the data, making magic possible.

Machine Learning

Intelligent solutions generating business value with data models.

Cloud Analytics

Analytical insights leveraging the power of the cloud.

Cloud migrations: migrating existing workloads to the cloud for maximum efficiency.

A lot of organizations still run a lot of processes on-prem. While this gives them a lot of control over their equipment, it also has some limitations.

Having on-prem datacenters means spending resources on buying hardware, installing and configuring tools and periodic upgrades and maintenance work. All of which is time and resource intensive.

We help organizations migrate these workloads to the cloud, to save them this hassle, and at the same time lower their total cost of ownership.

We offer organisations a lot more freedom with Google Cloud Platform. Imagine having a one-time job that requires a lot of resources. In an on-prem situation you would have to choose between too little resources to save costs or sufficient resources which are not used after the job is completed. With GCP you get the resources you want when you want them with the click of a button.

Big Data Engineering: fundamental pre design of the data, making magic possible.

Designing, building and maintaining big data pipelines is a requirement of a modern data infrastructure where you want to make AI, data analytics and IoT use cases possible.

At Tensr our certified Data Engineers and Cloud Architects combine an in-depth knowledge of classic big data tools such as Apache Spark, HDFS, Kafka, etc. with their GCP counterparts such as Dataproc, Cloud Storage, PubSub and Dataflow.

This broad and deep expertise enables us to assist in any big data challenge our clients may have. By using GCPs state-of-the-art security protocols and best practices we guide them towards GDPR compliancy and data protection.

Machine learning: intelligent solutions generating business value with data models.

We believe that the power of AI should be accessible to all organizations. By investigating your business processes, we identify aspects that can be optimized or automated with machine learning.

We offer different solutions to tackle specific challenges:

  • Use and integrate pre-built, pre-trained models
  • Use pre-built models, trained on your data
  • Custom designed and trained models

Cloud analytics: analytical insights leveraging the power of the cloud.

Growing the capabilities of an on-premise legacy system is extremely costly and challenging.

By moving your analytics workloads to the cloud, we make you forget these worries.

We rely on GCP data warehousing tools such as BigQuery which gives you acces to virtually infite resources. And the best part is, you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

 Unchain your potential with AI and ML