The amount of data grows exponentially (50% p.a.) which makes it very challenging and costly to maintain an on-prem data center. The existing infrastructure has once again reached its limits which forces RIPE NCC to look for better solutions for their numerous workloads.

Solution: Cloud Migration: Hadoop to GCP

By migrating the entire data workload to GCP, RIPE NCC gains peace of mind while their data grows exponentially. By separating the data storage from the computations, the migration to GCP also leads to a highly efficient cost model.

  • Better scalability in the face of exponential data growth.
  • Serverless tooling for maximum efficiency in day-to-day workflows.
  • Managed Services for hosting datasets to the public.

We chose to rely on the Google Cloud Platform for all our data-centric workloads since we feel they offer the best value”

Google technology


Big Query



Kubernetes Engine