Handwriting reimbursement documents need to be processed by CM in order to make paybacks possible. The current scanner solution of the CM processes 5 million handwritten documents per month but doesn’t achieve the requirements due to not always recognising the handwritings correctly. Consequently, employees still invest a huge amount of their time in deciphering and typing the text of the paper documents into their application.

Solution: Intelligent scanner with an AI add-on

By adding AI to the scanner it now becomes intelligent and self learning. It recognises what is written and makes suggestions on the screen of the employee before it automatically inserts it in the system.

  • Faster reimbursement of health care costs for people.
  • Speeding up the intake process of health insurance documents.
  • Higher percentage of forms recognized thanks to the AI.

“Our people process 5 million handwritten documents per month.
Thanks to adding AI to this process, our scanner recognizes a lot more!”
Peter Van Maele – Head of acrhitecture ICT CM

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