LCM – The intelligent scanner


Even in 2023, the Christian Mutuality (LCM) receives about 40,000 mostly handwritten doctor’s certificates per day. These certificates contain information regarding the patient, the reason(s) for the doctor’s visit, and the amount to be paid for the doctor’s consult. Part of the amount is refunded by the LCM. The data of the doctor’s certificates [...]

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Advanced analytics in real estate


Professional customers provide real estate listings for publication to Immovlan. Some listings appear to be a lot more popular than others in the searches of house seekers. We want to understand why this is in order to define guidelines for professionals customers to improve their chances of selling a listing Solution: Listing optimization By [...]

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Smart document processing


Handwriting reimbursement documents need to be processed by CM in order to make paybacks possible. The current scanner solution of the CM processes 5 million handwritten documents per month but doesn't achieve the requirements due to not always recognising the handwritings correctly. Consequently, employees still invest a huge amount of their time in deciphering [...]

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Hadoop migration


The amount of data grows exponentially (50% p.a.) which makes it very challenging and costly to maintain an on-prem data center. The existing infrastructure has once again reached its limits which forces RIPE NCC to look for better solutions for their numerous workloads. Solution: Cloud Migration: Hadoop to GCP By migrating the entire data [...]

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Machine learning pipeline


Spectricity builds state-of-the-art scanners and has ML pipelines in place to demonstrate the performance of their products. These pipelines need to be industrialized so they can be used in a distributed way, on a global scale.  Solution: ML Pipeline industrialization By deploying the ML Pipelines on GCP infrastructure, we convert local, small scale ML [...]

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